From £5,000 To £15 Million

Bridging finance is designed to provide a short-term loan for a specific purpose against an asset owned by the client (almost always property or land) at a specific Loan to Value (LTV).

If you have a need for a Short Term Loan and need the funds quickly then we can provide funding for any legitimate purpose over loan terms ranging from 1 day to 24 months. Obtaining bridging finance is, in essence, a simple process and loans can be secured on both Residential and Commercial Property Assets and Land / Development Sites. In some cases we can take other assets as security for the loan such as Luxury Cars, Art , Jewellery etc.

This type of product is generally used when there is a crisis which can take the form of a “good crisis” i.e. “I need to raise this money quickly to take advantage of an opportunity to make more money”, or a “bad crisis” i.e. “If I don’t raise money quickly I am going to have a property repossessed”.

Some potential uses:

• Buying a bargain property at ‘Below Market Value’
• Buy a property which is deemed ‘Un-mortgageable’ and requires significant refurbishment.
• Moving home before your current property is sold
• Buying a property at auction and needing funds quickly to complete on the purchase
• Raising cash to buy a Business , Purchase Stock or perhaps buy out a Business Partner
• Raising cash to pay a Personal or Business Tax bill
• Raising cash to stave off a repossession order

We can move very quickly giving an immediate decision and very often have the loan offer issued the same day. Funds can draw down generally within a matter of days and our experienced team will assist with all the necessary administration and valuations in order to ensure a smooth process.
Please call us today to see how we can help or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.

Key Benefits

• Speed of Decision and Delivery of Funds
• Availability
• Flexibility
• Potentially Lower Application Costs
• Low Exit Fees
• Higher Loan to Value

What do we need from you?

We will need to complete a Fact Find with you and as a minimum we will also require the following:

• Current or legacy valuation report (if applicable)
• Sales particulars
• Cashflow schedule for planned works

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