Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages are similar to residential mortgages, except the collateral is security over the Freehold or long Leasehold of a commercial building or other business real estate – in general not a single residential property although residential property portfolios are common.

In addition, commercial mortgages are typically taken on by businesses instead of individual borrowers. The borrower may be a partnership, incorporated business, or limited company so assessment of the creditworthiness of the business can be more complicated than with residential mortgages.

Types of Commercial Mortgage

A commercial property mortgage is focused solely on the physical premises being funded, a bricks and mortar valuation is required to assess the Open Market Value of the property itself. The type of property mortgage is divided by lenders into those that will be used by the borrower, and those that will be tenanted out – the former being the Owner Occupier commercial mortgage and the latter, the Commercial Investment Mortgage

With this loan, the borrower will need to demonstrate serviceability of the loan from business profits and therefore business accounts will be needed alongside proof of any additional income or secondary security which may be offered.

Commercial Investment
If the loan is to purchase a commercial property on an investment basis then the affordability will be based on the rental income from the property as verified by an independent surveyor as typically lenders will not lend on vacant commercial property.

Key features and benefits

• Access to over 50 major Commercial Mortgage Lenders
• Competitive rates and up to 30 year terms
• Both capital and interest repayment schemes
• Capital repayment holidays from some lenders
• Uses range from buying premises to releasing capital
• Mortgages up to 75% of the value of the property

What do we need from you?

We will need to complete a Fact Find with you and as a minimum we will also require the following:

• Last 3 months of business bank statements
• Last 2 sets of company accounts
• Management accounts (year to date)
• Assets and liabilities statement

Other services that might be of interest

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Business Acquisition

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Buy To Let / HMO Mortgages

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