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6 Benefits of Property Development Finance

Below is a summary of the 6 main benefits of property development finance to fund your new build, conversion or expansion projects.

  1. The ability to borrow a higher percentage of the project cost is often a key benefit for those with restricted funds. The higher your contribution and experience generally the lower the cost of funds.
  2. The ability to roll-up the interest costs over the loan term removes the problem of having to find the costs for the finance until the sale or refinance of the property to cover them.
  3. Most developers only have knowledge of a few funders of development finance generally restricted to their own bank and one or two others. The support and professional appraisal from us give you access to a broad range of lending institutions for your developments.
  4. For a company that specializes in construction of property, borrowing funds allows you to build more properties at the same time than simply a leveraging of your own funds would allow.
  5. As a new start developer or builder, you can leverage your own personal business assets (plant equipment etc.) and construction industry skills to make money for yourself and not just for other people.
  6. Lenders will be very experienced with construction projects and although you may be asked to leap through a lot of “hoops” they are ultimately protecting you and themselves to make sure the project is profitable. Insisting for example on a professional project manager or collateral warranties for the contractors may seem costly at the time but these are in everyone’s interest.

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